Fill your Basket with these Chanel Goods [F/W 14-15 Review]

[by Noemi Szoke | September 22, 2014]

“Fashion is a supermarket” seems to be Karl Lagerfeld’s premise for staging his sensational Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection. The eccentric designer turned Paris’ Grand Palais into a sumptuous hypermarket, in which all the products were redesigned with a packaging theme that features the double C logo of the fashion house everywhere, from brooms to Kleenex boxes, cookies to detergents, and cakes to cereals. While it would be really expensive to do our shopping in a Chanel supermarket, it would certainly be fun to walk along these aisles and shelves, between the Tweed Cola, the Coco Flakes, the La Gabrielle olive oil, the Delices de Gabrielle canned sardines or the Coco Rico crispy rice.

The Chanel Supermarket - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Paris Fashion Week -

This extraordinary metaphor and true visual feast only emphasizes the admiration for the great sense of humor that Lagerfeld possesses, being able to entertain a global audience with an unparalleled visual power, while expressing messages that question our perception of the world today.

Karl Lagerfeld is probably the only one who can bring such a compelling selection of personalities to the front row. Spotted were Rihanna, Melanie Griffith and Kiera Knightley, who anxiously awaited to take in next season’s trends.

The Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection showed an interesting array of suits matched to sporty accessories and luxurious leather sneakers with metallic sequins. The classic Chanel handbags were “wrapped” in cellophane like packs of pastries. There were also deux-piece suits paired with oversized, long coats.

Cellophane wrapped CHANEL bag - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Paris Fashion Week -

The prevailing elements of the collection were: tweed, cashmere, nylon, chiffon, leather, geometric prints, metallic shades in pink, purple, gray, burgundy and black.

The silhouettes were supported by voluminous and rounded shoulders, while Lurex leggings accompanied every outfit. The suits of the season came with jackets with big shoulders, corseted waists and knee-length skirts, rounded at the edges. In contrast, the tweed coats were designed in a trapeze shape, with padded elements to add more volume.

A CHANEL suit - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Paris Fashion Week -

Cara Delevingne, along with the youngest member of the Kardashian clan, Kendall Jenner, were among the models that strutted down the Chanel runway. She stepped out on the catwalk wearing a black coat with multicolored reflections, Lurex tights and sneakers. Her look was completed by a bag, designed as a shopping cart, in perfect accordance with the theme of the show. Kendall also modeled outfits for Marc Jacobs and Givenchy this year, but this was most definitely her greatest show during this Paris Fashion Week.

Kendall Jenner for CHANEL - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Paris Fashion Week -

Cara Delevingne & Karl Lagerfeld - CHANEL - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Paris Fashion Week -

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