[by Viva Gonzalez | September 8, 2014]

Founded in 1999 by designers Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti, Frankie Morello’s fashion credibility and reputation within the industry are those of a burgeoning brand with an exacting attention to detail and the belief that “order arises from disorder.”

Modica and Gigliotti began with menswear and have now expanded successfully into women’s fashion. They make their trade on bringing harmony to discordant textures, materials, cuts, and colors, with impeccable tailoring as the constant thread that runs through each collection over the years. Frankie Morello is the brand for fashionistas seeking unique details that will define their unconventional off-the-beaten-path chic style.

Frankie Morello’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 women’s runway show portrayed a dark, fairytale type of romance. The devil is indeed in the details, and here are the 4 runway looks from Frankie Morello that you should keep in mind this coming winter.

1. Delicate Necklaces
Each look that went down the runway was topped off with a long delicate gold pendant necklace. This is certainly a deviation from the statement neckpieces as of late, and a welcome change at that.

Frankie Morello - Look 1: Delicate Necklaces - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Milan Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

2. Whimsical Prints
Cartoonish prints and graphics by artist and illustrator Julie Verhoeven dominated the collection, from dresses to skirts. These atmospheric arty prints certainly added to the brooding yet innocent feel of the clothes.

Frankie Morello - Look 2: Whimsical Prints - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Milan Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

3. Laced Boots with Sheer Socks
The footwear in the show was heavily influenced by menswear with an emphasis on workwear. Thick-soled boots and loafers were a great element to balance the esoteric feel of the collection. The sheer socks add girlishness to the sturdy looking footwear, a great styling idea that you can apply to your own looks.

 Frankie Morello - Look 3: Laced Boots with Sheer Socks - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Milan Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

4. Texture Drama
Silk, organza and leather were all combined expertly; as were chiffon skirts and sheer panels with quilted fabrics embossed with geometric shapes, a clashing and mixing of textures, which is Frankie Morello’s bread and butter.

Frankie Morello - Look 4: Texture Drama - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Milan Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

Frankie Morello - designers Maurizio Modica & Pierfrancesco Gigliotti - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Milan Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

Watch the full show here: Frankie Morello | Fall/Winter 2014-15 | Milan