[by Rachel Esco | September 15, 2014]

Energizing Milan Fashion Week, Just Cavalli’s runway show was a combination of artistry and raw fashion. Harnessing inspiration from the richness of texture and patterns, Cavalli gave powerful touches to each outfit using cultural prints and vintage influences as the primary motif of the show. With the exquisite patterned blazers, wild patterned pants and sexy biker jackets, the show oozed creativity and diverse influences, making the collection a youthful and liberating marvel.

Just Cavalli - patterned blazers - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Milan Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

The show opened stunningly with a striking motif of monochromatic ensembles infused with reds. We were first presented with cheetah print crop-pants with fringes, echoing beautifully with the next pieces, the blouses and sweaters, which evoked a similar pattern. These pieces were paired brilliantly with fringed shoulder bags and ankle boots, providing a folk essence that helped unify the outfits. Accentuating this vision, the industrial stage design spoke to the modernity of the outfits. There was a clean white runway forming a square and urban pillars decorated as caution road signs.

Just Cavalli - fringed shoulder bags - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Milan Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

The show then transitioned into a more polished elegance as the patterns revealed Florentine Renaissance inspirations. Cavalli used floral designs and architectural imagery from this period and combined them with modern shapes. This Renaissance motif was paired with blazers and coats with extravagant lapels, sexy leather jackets, and straight leg trousers, which remained a consistent staple throughout the show. These outfits were also interestingly worn with either ankle strap heels or suede boots.

Just Cavalli - Renaissance architectural imagery - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Milan Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

Cavalli also explored textural slouchy handbags and glove boots accompanied by vintage themes. There was a tasteful blend of 1960s qualities with the fringed boots and pants as well as the whimsical circular sun glasses. Yet, the pieces retained a vogue dignity with the use of artistic patterns and sleekly brushed-back hair, creating a fresh sophistication. This phase of the show took a slight turn, embracing a more playful approach toward the end. We saw a lively burst of energy as the ensembles revealed bright acid colors and the patterns became more abstract and expressive. The shoes also became more animated with the transition into an orange color that offered a vivid statement.

Just Cavalli - fringed pants - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Milan Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

The show ended with a dominance of bold feminine colors, which were infused into the retro patterns. Ultimately, the pieces were a stunning merge of European art and 60s trendiness with modern silhouettes for an inventive expression of fashion.

Just Cavalli - 60s trendiness - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Milan Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

Just Cavalli - Roberto Cavalli - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - Milan Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

Watch the full show here: Just Cavalli | Fall 2014 | Milan