[by Daiane F. | August 25, 2014]

One by one, a small party of casual-looking royal girls walked down the runway at Simone Rocha’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 show. With messy braided hair and a touch of golden paint on their foreheads, they hinted at the fact that, with this collection, the designer had skillfully tip-toed the line between high art and wearable clothes.

Her inspiration? The “Elizabeth I & Her People” exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. With gilded trims, accentuated hips and amplified ruffles, the result was royal to every extent, complete with subtle punk influences and some sort of unforced simplicity inherent to real-life girls.

Watch the show and you will have to agree, these are the top 5 obsession-worthy items from Ms. Rocha’s collection for the season:

1. Lace-up, gladiator brogues
Luckily, Simone Rocha reinterpreted her signature masculine brogues with Lucite heels. The result was a half brogue, half boot fusion, with gladiator-type laces which go around the calf. The perfect footwear for girls who are queens of their own castles.

Simone Rocha - Lace-up gladiator brogues - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - London Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

2. A wool lace scarlet dress
Midi length, with high necklines and a tad semi-transparent, the trilogy of scarlet dresses pointed towards the Elizabethan influence, yet remained surprisingly contemporary. Two of the dresses featured open slits around the waist or hips as a symbolic way to show off the punk spirit.

Simone Rocha - wool lace scarlet dress - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - London Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

3. The ruffled little black dress
Every season needs its protagonists, and this all-black number superbly plays a double role of both the good and the bad girl. The bare shoulders make it look vulnerable, but that feeling is quickly offset by the large ruffled detailing.

Simone Rocha - ruffled little black dress - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - London Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

4. A lavish fur purse
Held tightly to the royal girls’ chests, the faux fur purse was a piece that shone through as a statement item. With generous proportions and luxurious shine, this furry bag single-handedly paved its own way to must-have status.

Simone Rocha - fur purse - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - London Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

5. Head-to-toe tartan
New to enter Ms. Rocha’s aesthetic world, the tartan look seems to have been designed for punk royalty. The augmented ruffles and gilded trims were still in the game, completing the Elizabethan direction that was instilled in the collection.

Simone Rocha - head-to-toe tartan - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - London Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

No doubt about it: Ms. Rocha knows how to do fantasy-cool. The girls in her Fall/Winter 2014-15 show were deeply anchored in a world in which being royal and punk at the same time comes naturally and comfortably.

Simone Rocha - Fall/Winter 2014-15 - London Fashion Week - ReelFashion.TV

Watch the full show here: Simone Rocha | Fall 2014 | London